Belkin Gives WeMo A HomeKit Upgrade

Belkin's WeMo is a pretty decent set of home automation kit that covers light bulbs, switches, cameras, motion sensors and energy monitoring gear. It is possible to get it to play nicely with other equipment if you're prepared to tinker with IFTTT but the company has finally released a new device, the WeMo Bridge, that lets you link various WeMo devices to Apple's HomeKit ecosystem.

I've been road testing a bunch of home automation gear recently and have several WeMo devices around the house. But getting different flavours of home automation gear to play nicely instal that easy. Belkin has been talking about the WeMo Bridge for some time as demand for HomeKit-friendly gear has slowly ramped up.

The WeMo Bridge (currently listed on Belkin's US site for US$39.99) connects to your router using an Ethernet connection and bridges the various devices into HomeKit. This is because the out-of-the-box WeMo kit doesn't support HomeKit and can't be firmware updated to achieve compliance.

There's no word on local pricing yet but if you've already got some WeMo gear and are looking to integrate it with other HomeKit equipment this looks like a far easier solution than IFTTT or other automation platforms.


    But wemo is effectively dead in Australia. Start kits can't be bought.

    All wemo product seem to be unavailable in Australia for the last few months. I doubt we will ever see this ship here.

    I've seen them around although not as much as before. And there are plenty of existing users so I reckon we'll see this ship here if only to satisfy the local user base, small as it may be.

    I rang Belkin around August 2017 and they said the product In was after was going through re-certification for a new model, but couldn't say how long it would take.

    This is the response I get after a query regarding buy Wemo Homekit products for Australia.
    Thank you for your enquiry regarding the availability of WeMo products in Australia. Please be informed that we will be selling through the remaining WeMo stock in retail and, for the foreseeable future, will not be producing any WeMo product for Australia & New Zealand.

    However, we will still continue to support our customers on their existing WeMo products. The WeMo App and devices will also continue to be supported through regular software and firmware updates.

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