Apple Release Logic Pro X 10.4 - Creative Pros Gush Over Point Release

Image: Apple

Most point releases are pretty boring. Typically, they include a couple of tweaks and some bug fixes and not a lot more. But Apple has dished out a point release for their professional audio software, Logic Pro X that includes over 100 fixes, enhancements and new features that has made their user community happy - in contrast with some of their recent moves which have baffled and angered some of Apple's most dedicated users.

The full list of changes are documented in a comprehensive set of release notes. Almost every aspect fort the application from seemingly minor usability tweaks such as the inclusion of new keyboard commands through to more substantial additions like the ability to create new articulation maps (I have to admit I'm not certain what that is as I'm not an audio specialist but many audio pros are carrying on about this feature so I assume it's a big deal!).

Over recent years, Apple has been accused of dumbing down many of their professional apps and reassigned their efforts to consumer tools as they sought to bring the capability of their computer and mobile applications closer together. In the case of photographers, they completely dumped their image workflow tool Aperture.

This update to Logic Pro X seems to be kind of release I used to try and get dev teams I worked with to do every now and then. Individually, these changes are all quite small and likely to have been low down on the priority queue. But by bundling them all up, they have made lots of people very happy and probably put a massive dent in their Logic Pro X to-do list.

It's also smart move from Apple as it gives them some positive news and feedback from some of their hard core supported - something the company needed after a poor finish to to 2017 following the iPhone battery scandal.


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