Anakin Skywalker Would Love This Perfect Beach Hack

Anakin Skywalker Would Love This Perfect Beach Hack
Image: Star Wars

The beach would be the perfect place to spend a day if it weren’t for all that sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to prevent sand from getting on, inside and around things you don’t want it going near.

This is a classic beach hack.

All you need is a fitted sheet, a few heavy items and a passionate hatred for all things sand.

You take a fitted sheet and unfold it, upside-down, stretching it out to its maximum size. In each corner, you place a heavy item, such as a bag or an esky or a huge rock – anything heavy enough to keep the sheet from flying away, really. Once you’ve placed an item in each corner, your sheet fortress is complete. You can lay down, safe in the knowledge that that no-good sand can’t hurt you any more.

An example of the fitted sheet fortress [Credit: I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet]

Of course, once you’ve set foot inside the blanket island, you really can’t ever leave until it’s time to go home. Otherwise, you’ll be tracking sand back inside the blanket all day, essentially creating a giant sand pit.

But there’s the kicker – Hack #2: If you want to create your own regulated, queen-size sand pit at the beach for the little ones, a fitted sheet is an easy way to do that.

I guess you could always buy a sand-free mat too, or if you’re like me just avoid the beach altogether because your pasty white skin burns even in the moonlight.


  • Given you need to already be walking on sand to set this up, it’s basically impossible not to end up with at least a small amount of sand inside this setup.

    Also, wind is a thing, and as pointed out in the article, any foray out of the sheet will introduce more sand.

    It’s certainly not completely pointless (with some effort it should reduce the sand you’re exposed to), but seeing this repeatedly touted as a “perfect” or “amazing” beach hack is just ridiculous.

    At best, it’s a mildly clever trick to deal with slightly less sand.

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