Amazon Alexa Will Be On Your PC Soon

If you're not interested in splashing out some cash on one of Amazon's Alexa devices but want to use the shopping giant's voice assistant then you'll be able to install it on your Windows PC. Amazon will be integrating Alexa with Microsoft's Cortana, with a new app available. While it's just for US users initially, we can expect it here and in other countries soon, with PCs from Acer, Asus, HP and Lenovo among the first to get support.

Alexa for PC will have limited support fo music services, with just iHeartRadio, Amazon Music and SiriusXM available initially. Spotify, TuneIn and other music streaming services won't be available on day one. And call services won't be there either.

You won't need any new hardware, said Amazon, which may explain the limited device availability. Or perhaps it's just a way for those OEMs to give the PC sales a boost by making it an exclusive feature for a while.

With low cost PC options out there, I'm wondering if there's scope for converting an old system or an entry-level NUC or similar mini-PC into an Alexa-powered control centre as part of my home automation project in future.


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