18 Video Games To Look Forward To In 2018

18 Video Games To Look Forward To In 2018
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Now that we’ve left behind the triumphs and disappointments of 2017, it’s time to look forward to the year ahead. On we look past the customary video game dry spell (which used to last well into the year but now extends only to late January), it’s clear we have another absolutely packed year ahead of us. Here are 18 of the best.

Of course before 2018’s end there will be many games that come out of nowhere to become huge surprise hits, and there’s every chance a big publisher or two has a secret title in the works being prepped for a reveal in the coming months. But from our vantage point at the beginning of the year, these are the already-slated releases to look out for.


A Way Out

Darksiders III

Detroit: Become Human

God of War

Kingdom Hearts III

The chronology and lore of Kingdom Hearts, which began as a Disney-meets-Final-Fantasy crossover, has become indecipherable. This long-awaited “third” instalment is actually, by my count, the eighth full game (not counting the collections, revisions, re-releases and non-game media) and I have no idea what’s happening in it. Still, the idea of a Japanese RPG where Donald, Goofy and spikey-haired Square Enix kids visit Disney worlds like Toy Story and Hercules remains very appealing, even if you disregard the baffling narrative.

Kirby: Star Allies

With 2017’s release of Mario, Zelda and Mario Kart games on Switch, Nintendo’s running low on tent-pole franchises for 2018, and has been quiet about its plans. One game we do know about is a delightful-looking Kirby adventure which can be played alone or with friends. In addition to the puffball’s talent for copying enemies’ skills, bad guys can now be turned into friends and their abilities used to augment Kirby’s own attacks. Nintendo’s also promised Yoshi and Fire Emblem games for Switch in 2018, but details remain scarce.

Mega Man 11

Metro: Exodus

Monster Hunter: World

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

A role-playing game from famed Japanese developer Level 5 and animation house Studio Ghibli, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was a dream game for many. Ghibli may not be involved in this sequel, set one hundred years after the original, but the art on display indicates this will be another captivating, beautiful experience. The plot once again involves a human visiting from another world, this time to assist the child king of cat people Evan as he hopes to rebuild his usurped kingdom.

Project Octopath Traveler

Red Dead Redemption 2

Sea of Thieves


The Last of Us Part II

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

We Happy Few

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  • Re: Anthem
    A social, online, role-playing shooter from the team behind the original Mass Effect trilogy, Anthem looks like a melding of Destiny, Titanfall and Knights of the Old Republic.
    Publisher EA doesn’t have the best recent history here
    Thier recent history tracks back to EA and Bioware turning KOTOR into a social online roleplaying title… and it failed expectations and got turned into a lootbox cash machine.

    Bioware created Star Wars The Old Republic for EA in 2011, being one of the most expensive titles ever created, by 2012 EA blamed Bioware for its failing to get subscribers (even though EA was responsible as publisher for marketing and sales) and then downsized Bioware and left it to turn their wow-killer into a soulless free2play with lootboxes… which started EA on their path of both mass dropping lootboxes in all their titles, and abusing Star Wars Intellectual Property till now. Which doesnt make Battlefront II surprising.

    So… I have no hopes that Anthem will be anything more than the final nail in the Bioware coffin.

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