Christmas Day Weather: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide And More

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Hoo boy, the weather on Christmas Day is a bit of a mixed bag across the country this year. Some of us will be heating up the barbie and jumping in the pool whereas others are likely to be neck deep in Christmas sweaters with a glass of egg nog and an open fire. (I know what I'd prefer.)

Here's the Christmas Day weather forecast across Australia.

For the most part, it's set to be a rain-free affair this December 25, although Sydney and Darwin are likely to cop a fistful of lightning throughout the day. The pick of the bunch is probably Adelaide, where it'll be a maximum of 25 and sunny. Melbourne is typically Melbourne: that 24 and partly cloudy could end up being 4 and monsoonal - who really knows?

Hobart is cold. Perth and Brisbane are hot, so they'll be enjoying the sun and sand no doubt. The full forecast is below.

Sydney Weather Christmas Day

Max: 24, Scattered Showers

Melbourne Weather Christmas Day

Max: 24, Partly Cloudy

Adelaide Weather Christmas Day

Max: 25, Sunny

Brisbane Weather Christmas Day

Max: 33, Partly Cloudy

Darwin Weather Christmas Day

Max: 33, Thunderstorms

Hobart Weather Christmas Day

Max: 20, Partly Cloudy

Canberra Weather Christmas Day

Max: 25, Possible Afternoon Storm

Perth Weather Christmas Day

Max: 34, Sunny



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