The Top 25 Australian Companies To Work For (And Their Careers Pages)

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LinkedIn has revealed the 25 most desirable employers in Australia. The rankings are based on the online behaviour of 8 million job seekers and professionals who make up LinkedIn's Australian user base. Here's the full list - with links to available jobs.

Despite a distinct lack of startups, almost a quarter of LinkedIn’s 2017 list are new additions, with familiar brands like BHP Billiton, Wesfarmers, NAB and Westpac edging into the top 25 for the first time.

This suggests that established companies have been implementing changes to attain and attract skilled workers. (Or maybe Aussies are placing more value on job security compared to last year?)

Either way, the list is dominated by financial services groups, professional services and some of Australia's biggest private employers.

PwC was ranked #1, which it attributes to the implementation of flexible working in all areas. Intriguingly, the company no longer requires an accounting degree from new employees - or any degree, for that matter.

“We love to talk to a range of people from a huge and diverse number of backgrounds,” Sue Horlin, Australian Human Capital Leader at PwC, told Business Insider.

“We are open to any kind of background and love the opportunity to talk to a wide range of people. No matter what your background, we would love to chat to you.”

All companies in the top 25 also reward their employees well: birthday leave, well-being programs, generous parental leave, flexible working hours and an open dress code are all common practice.

Here are the top 25 companies to work for Down Under - with links for curious job seekers:

  1. PwC Australia
  2. KPMG Australia
  3. Westpac Group
  4. Commonwealth Bank
  5. Wesfarmers
  6. Qantas
  7. CIMIC Group
  8. Deloitte Australia
  9. Macquarie Group
  10. Telstra
  11. Virgin Australia
  12. Suncorp Group
  13. Scentre Group
  14. Downer
  15. Lendlease
  16. REA Group
  17. AMP
  18. Vodafone Australia
  19. National Australia Bank
  20. Origin Energy
  21. Cotton On Australia
  22. Lion
  23. Woolworths Group
  24. BHP Billiton
  25. Bank of Queensland

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    Virgin Australia is a $h1thole! All the glitz and glamour portrayed by their flight staff is a smokescreen for the people working hard behind the scenes. They've been through endless "restructures" led by a CEO whose only strategy is to be like QANTAS...

    Working for Qantas.... Avoid it like the plague. Hard work, no loyalty or respect from management, and a disposable workforce mainly out of India.

    All these companies are boring and crap to work for. Not one real company doing anything interesting or of real value, most of them are parasites. Pathetic how not one is research related.

      If you ask anyone of all those consulting firms in the top 10, they'll say what they do IS research. They'll say they provide research, analysis and management expertise....(not that I necessarily agree with any of that BS).

      So you're referring to scientific or academic research?

    When I think what some of these companies do to Australia, I run a mile.

    Interesting to note which of the big four didn't make the cut.

    There's a reason employees joke that it's a "great re-organisation to work for". Seems like a never ending parade of executives coming in, turning things upside down and in recent years, laying heaps of people off.

    Last edited 07/12/17 10:15 pm

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