The One-Page Resume Of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is officially the richest human being on the planet. As one of the key founders of Amazon, Google, Airbnb, Twitter and Uber, the man clearly has a lot to crow about when it comes to professional skills and achievements. Nevertheless, it's possible to cram everything important into a single page - which means you really need to trim the fat from your own resume.

We're firm believers that less is more when it comes to your CV or resume. If you need more than two or three pages to apply for a job you clearly haven't tailored it to the position at hand. That's a good way to get your resume binned.

The guys at resume-writing firm Novorésumé have taken things even further - showing that anyone can cut down their resume to a single page. This time, they've used Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as their template. (Regular readers may recall their previous effort for Elon Musk.)

We prefer this version to the Musk one as it dispenses with those silly competency bars and sticks to the facts about his career. Of course, the real Jeff Bezos will probably never need to send his resume to anyone ever again.

Nevertheless, this mock-up is a good reminder that brevity should be treated as an asset. (Just leave off the "milestone" clip art - if you're not a multi-billionaire it will come across as amateurish and conceited.)

[Via resume-writing firm Novorésumé]


    Might for for someone like Jeff Bezos, but if someone sent me a resume that looked like that it'd go straight in the bin for not having enough information.

    Jeff Bezos would probably not have typos on his resume.

    He doesn't even need a resume - he's Jeff Bezos. This probably wouldn't work for the average person. I'm sure Superman also has a one-page resume.

    Still enjoy my Kindle since it was lanuched....

    I used the competency bars from the Elon Musk resume and it got me a job. Interviewer mentioned it. "I've never seen anyone rank how good they are at their hobbies before". I think it depends on the candidate, and if it comes off as a gimmick or as a reflection of the person.

    That "one page" certainly isn't the dimensions of any paper-page I've ever seen. If you classify "page" as web-page, then that's cheating; a single web page could be of any length and therefore, potentially, 30 A4 pages.

    Last I checked Jeff hasn't applied for any jobs since the achievements he listed in this resume so there is absolutely no evidence to suggest this resume is a good way of presenting information in a job application...

    In fact, this is the resume of someone who has no inclination of looking for a new job in the near future.

    The only reason my resume is longer because I have to fit enough buzz words in their to be detected by the automated resume filters recruiters and HR use.

    FFS , As one of the key founders of Amazon, Google, Airbnb, Twitter and Uber, asif he would really need a resume to start with ,, give me a break

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