The Internet Reacts To Vegemite Icy Poles

Today, Vegemite took to Twitter to announce a new and highly polarising creation: the Vegemite Icy Pole. The denizens of the Twitterverse did not lap up what was offered.

This afternoon, the official Vegemite Twitter account dropped the following tweet onto an unprepared universe:

"Brace yourselves Australia... it's time for VEGEMITE Icy Poles!" It proclaimed. This was followed up by link to a DIY recipe on its website. There was also a hashtag that failed to trend.

Now, we like to think we're in the happy-little-Vegemite camp when it comes to Australia's favourite spread - we've championed its uses in all kinds of unconventional ways. But the concept of a yeast-based ice block even had us scratching our heads. We weren't alone.

If you're intrigued by this bizarre dessert, you can find the recipe here. May the gods have mercy on your soul.

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    Australia’s favourite spread? Surely not I thought.. but yup, aparently 39% of the weirdos around me are eating it at least once a week.

    Like vegemite’s nice and all, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never finished a jar in the use-by time lol. I like Vegemite... we just have a lot of better options now... it kind of feels like something from rationing lol... like spam

    Last edited 13/12/17 7:56 pm

    It might actually be ok.

    Salt and cocoa do go well together, in fact it's quite normal to add salt to hot cocoa. As for the malt, it will of course will go very well with the milk.

    That just leaves the celery. Hmm, the honey should compliment that.

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