The Best iPhone X Cases Under $40

The Best iPhone X Cases Under $40
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A great phone case is the ideal antidote to life’s inevitable phone-destroying surprises. The iPhone X comes in at a cool $1500-plus, depending on the model and although there are plenty of other things you could spend that kind of money on, if you’re going to splash out and grab the X then you want to make sure you’re protecting it, but you also want to save a bit of cash.

But which iPhone X case is right for you? Here’s some of our recommendations.

The Best iPhone X Cases You Can Buy Under $40

Cygnett Orbit

The Best iPhone X Cases Under $40

The Cygnett Orbit is one of the most simple cases around – it’s a flexible, plastic see-through shell for your phone. When looking at cheap cases I generally just hope I can find something that still preserves the look of the phone and the Orbit certainly does that. Retailing at $35, you’re likely able to knock a few extra dollars off at retail chains like JB.

UAG Pathfinder

The Best iPhone X Cases Under $40

Kogan currently sell the UAG Pathfinder for $49 (with free shipping!) and that makes it a worthy addition to this list. While the case looks like a beast, it doesn’t add a lot of weight to your iPhone but does provide excellent protection. It doesn’t quite give the screen the protection it needs, but you can be safe in the knowledge your corners will be resistant to any nasty drops.

Incipio DualPro

The Best iPhone X Cases Under $40

The DualPro is so named because it utilises two different materials to provide protection to your iPhone. One of Incipio’s cheapest cases, the Incipio is a perfectly serviceable case for $40 or less. It retains the slim form factor of the iPhone, protects the buttons and is easy to slip on and off. Not that you’ll need to, it is compatible with wireless charging so this is a set-and-forget proposition.

Spigen Liquid Crystal

The Best iPhone X Cases Under $40

What the Spigen lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in price. I like the matte black finish and as one of the cheapest on the list it’s hard to look past it. This flexible shell provides a similar level of protection to other cases on this list and currently costs less than $22. At that price it’s definitely a winner and you may find it even cheaper on eBay.

3SIXT Jelly Case +

The Best iPhone X Cases Under $40

Another case that adds hardly any weight to your iPhone, the Jelly Case + is built from a soft, bendy material that protects the edges of your device. It’s only $25 and although it’s not as durable as 3SIXT’s more expensive cases (for instance, the Aramid is purportedly made from Kevlar, so it’s got an edge in the durability department) it still provides the protection you want at this price range.

Moshi Vitros

The Best iPhone X Cases Under $40

Moshi make a tony of peripherals and accessories for Apple products at not-Apple prices, so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative with great design they’re in the mix. The Vitros – like a lot of the cases here – is a clear, slim shell with military grade drop protection. Other Moshi products are quite minimalist and the edges of the Vitros are just raised enough to keep the screen off any surfaces you might plonk your iPhone onto and it. For just under $40, it’s a stylish, functional option.

As a side note, I recommend going to a retail store when hunting for cases. The chief reason for this, having worked in many, is that phone cases typically have a decent markup in them. Thus, especially if you’re buying a few phone accessories at once, you’re likely to knock a few dollars off your case. Check out our tips for shopping at JB Hi-Fi for ideas on how to get the best deal you can.

You can also scour eBay for iPhone X cases, with prices starting as low as $1. I can’t speak too much to the quality of these cases and their level of protection, but if you just want a protective layer on the outside of your phone and can’t justify the $40, have a look through the listings.

Bought an iPhone X and found a solid case that’s helping you keep it scratch-free? Let us know about it in the comments!


  • Buy a two thousand dollar phone, look for the cheapest case possible… seems legit.

    Just buy tech 21 or EFM, maybe even life proof or otterbox, etc and keep your phone safe. No sense cutting corners on the thing that does the most to protect it. Oh and don’t buy a $50 case for $20 on eBay – they’re fakes

  • Would it not be worth spending more than $40 on a case for your $1800 phone??

    I got the official S-View case for my Samsung S7 Edge, was galling paying $80 at first but it’s been a great investment, doesn’t alter the look of the phone much and has saved me from dropping it a few times!

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