PSA: Most Wrapping Paper Is Recyclable, Don’t Throw It Away

PSA: Most Wrapping Paper Is Recyclable, Don’t Throw It Away

When you’re cleaning up after this year’s festivities remember that most wrapping paper these days is actually recyclable.

In general, any simple wrapping paper can be put in the recycling bin rather than the regular rubbish. The only kind you need to toss is paper that’s been decorated with foil or glitter. RecycleNow suggests using the “scrunch test” to determine whether or not something is recyclable.

If it scrunches then you can, if it doesn’t, you can’t.

Before you fill up your bin you need to remove all bows and ribbons from the paper (I recommend using kids for this).

Before you get rid of anything, it’s worth looking at what you’re about to throw away and decide whether or not you can use it again. A few years ago I got in the habit of collecting tissue paper and gift bags as well as some larger pieces of undamaged wrapping paper and putting them in a large plastic container after gifts have been unwrapped.

This year I did buy one roll of paper, but 75 per cent of my gifts were wrapped using previously loved paper for years past. My gift recipients were none the wiser, and I didn’t have to go through the hassle of getting everything for gift wrapping again this year, I already had everything I needed.