Chrome 63 Ups The Security Ante

Image: Google

Google has released the latest iteration of Chrome and it adds a nifty new "site isolation" feature that protects you in the event a site in one browser tab crashes. It stops that fault from impacting other tabs. Although this is a step forward in the app's overall stability, it also means an exploit from one tab is less likely to impact other browser tabs.

The full list of CVEs that have been fixed, along with the bounties paid to researchers that found them, are on the Chrome Releases. It was good earner for some researchers with a couple collecting over US$12,000 for detecting various vulnerabilities.

In response, Google has added a mode called "Site Isolation" that eliminates information sharing between tabs. While this results in more system resources being used, it does make things safer. Admins can also restrict which browser extensions can be accessed by users - an enhancement that will appeal to system administrators and further boost Chrome's enterprise credibility.

While the easiest thing to do when deploying systems to users is to use default or pre-installed applications that come with the operating system, there's a strong case for ditching the likes of Edge and Safari in favour of "best of breed" applications. Google is pushing hard to make that decision as compelling as possible for enterprises.


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