7 Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

7 Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

Get ready to fill your eye holes with the best Christmas gifts for people who want to fill their ear holes these holidays. We’ve got some of the best gifts for music lovers, audiophiles and those who love to dance.

7 Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

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Bose QC35 II [$499]

7 Christmas Gifts For Music LoversImage: Bose

Still the best noise-cancelling, wireless headphones you can buy, the Bose QuietComfort 35s are the way to go if you’re looking for a new pair of cans. Their noise-cancelling tech is unrivalled, so these are perfect for a music lover who gets out and travels a lot, especially by plane. Not only that, they have such a full, vibrant sound that they’re hard to look past.

Spotify Premium

7 Christmas Gifts For Music LoversImage: Spotify

If you’re buying for an audiophile that doesn’t already have a Premium Spotify account, this is absolutely all you’ll need to grab. Spotify is far and away the best music streaming platform and a premium account removes those grating, repetitive ads and gives you access to high-quality streams and downloads. A no-brainer.

Sonos Play:1 [$229]

7 Christmas Gifts For Music LoversImage: Sonos

My pick of the wireless speakers, the Sonos Play series provide excellent audio quality and exceptional ease-of-use. The Play:1 is Sonos’ entry-level speaker and it’s got a small footprint, but still has huge, clear sound. You can pair them with any other Sonos speaker – from the more, expensive, larger Play:3 and Play:5 to the Sonos Playbar. The Music Control App allows you to control the speakers individually, so if you are pairing them with others around the house they can all play the same thing. Or, if you’d prefer different music in different rooms, you can choose what each speaker plays.

Nintendo Switch [$399]

7 Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

How can I sneak the Nintendo Switch, an essential piece of tech in 2017, into a gift guide about music? By telling you you’ll need to get one to play one of the best rhythm games that released on the console this year – Thumper. Scratch that, Thumper is one of my favourite rhythm games of all time. No silly peripheral guitars, no touchy plastic drums – just a Nintendo Switch, blazing fast music and that ever-present feeling that you can push your score higher and higher.

The Switch itself was one of my favourite pieces of tech this year – so regardless of its music credentials, it’s a bloody great gift. (Buy Thumper)

Audio-Technica LP120-USB [$595]

7 Christmas Gifts For Music LoversImage: Audio-Technica

In 2017, if you’re not listening to vinyl, are you really enjoying your music as it should be enjoyed? Some would argue no and for those people, a great record player is a must. The Audio-Technica LP120 is a staple in this space, coming in at a cheap price but fully decked out with a stack of features. It’s a direct-drive, has a built-in preamp and can play 33/45 and 78rpm records. You can even copy your records directly from the player to your PC or Mac. Solid.

Google Home Mini [$79]

7 Christmas Gifts For Music LoversImage: Google

Not a gift for those looking for high-quality audio. Instead, the Google Home Mini is all about convenience at a good price. A simple “Okay Google, Play It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” will have Celine Dion classics pumping out of the device in a matter of seconds via Spotify. You can also get it to play you songs at certain times of the day, so if you want to belt out a ballad at sunrise, Google Home Mini is your digital best friend.

Baby Driver [$19.99]

7 Christmas Gifts For Music LoversImage: IMDB

Baby Driver is good. Baby Driver’s soundtrack? Takes the film to the next level. You can grab the DVD or Blu-Ray fairly cheap on Amazon, or you can just go straight for the kill, ignore the moving pictures and grab the soundtrack instead.

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