This Yeti Cup Will Greatly Improve Your Ice Cream Game

Besides eating it as quickly as possible, I have yet to find a truly elegant way for keeping ice cream from melting while I enjoy it. Luckily, cup genius and real American hero Donald Li has discovered that a bowl of a delicious frozen dairy fits perfectly in a Yeti Rambler.

Photo by James Rhodes.

Let Donald - whose Twitter bio reads "I once put ice cream in a cup" - show you how it's done his tweet above, but it isn't that complicated. Just grab your favourite single-serve tub of ice cream (approximately 470ml worth), nestle it down in the insulated cup, and enjoy your frozen dessert without fear of meltage.

h/t Food & Wine

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    Yes, how relevant to your Australian readers. Let me just go and get a pint of ice cr-

    Oh right.

    Another auto-repost from your parent/peer/peerent sites, or did someone thing it was worth publishing?

      The reference to pint has been eradicated. Those responsible have been chastised with machine guns.

      Hi pinchie! There are several ice cream companies that sell pints here in Australia! They're typically the nicer, slightly more expensive ice creams, so if you tend to go for the cheap 4L Homebrand tubs from Woolies you may not be aware.

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