The Laws Of The Internet [Infographic]

You're probably aware of Newton's Laws of Thermodynamics, but are you aware of the physical and scientific laws that govern our interactions on the internet? No? Then you can educate yourself with this infographic.

This infographic, courtesty of IAmPuzzlr's DeviantArt page, explains some of the 'unwritten' laws of the internet.

Pay close attention to Muphry's Law.

Surprisingly, one of the laws that I most often see talked about online - Godwin's Law - doesn't get a mention here at all. If you're unaware, Godwin's Law is a theory that states 'the longer an internet discussion continues, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1'. In fact, I was confused that it wasn't in here at all that I went and made sure those other ones existed.

Now, I'm not really sure about anything at all, but perhaps this infographic is employing 'CAD's Theorem of Topic Closure': 'A smart post is less likely to receive a reply than a stupid post because it leaves less to be said, but a really full and comprehensive post will bring the conversation to a halt'.

Perhaps IAmPuzzlr just wants the conversation to continue!

Image: IAmPuzzlr/DeviantArt



    No rule 34 = Not an actual list.

    Learn 2 internetz Lifehacker

    Alright, now calm down folks. We're approaching Godwin's Law :)

    I'm not aware of any of Newton's laws of thermodynamics as the 4 laws were discovered by other people.

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