The ACS Appoints Their Youngest President In Over Two Decades

The ACS Appoints Their Youngest President In Over Two Decades
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The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has announced that Yohan Ramasundara will take over as ACS President from 1 January 2018 for a two-year term. At 39 years old, Ramasundara is the youngest president to be elected at ACS for over two decades and is the current Vice President overseeing ACS Membership Advisory Board. Ramasundara was previously the organisation’s National Treasurer for five years.

Ramasundara is also the Secretary General of SEARCC (the Asia Pacific forum for professional ICT associations) and the Head of Governance for IP Australia. He recently returned home from a secondment as the Innovation Manager for International Operations in San Francisco with AusTrade.

Rounding out his professional experience, he has also served as a Cricket Australia umpire at a national level over many years.

The ACS’ leadership team consists of Nick Tate, Vice President overseeing the Profession Advisory Board; Ian Oppermann, Vice President overseeing the Technical Advisory Board; Anthony Wong (Immediate Past President); Andrew Johnson (CEO); and four branch representatives.

The move to appoint Ramasundara, who has a strong interest and plenty of experience with the start-up sector is positive. With significant evidence of a skills shortage and the need to update skills in order to keep up with the rapid pace of change, having an ACS that is able to support professionals is important.

If Ramasundara can drive the ACS to engage with new and existing IT professionals effectively then he’ll make a positive contribution to the industry.


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