Telstra Finally Has Unlimited Data Broadband Deals

Telstra Finally Has Unlimited Data Broadband Deals
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Telstra says this is the first time the telco has offered home broadband bundles with unlimited data allowances. Why? Streaming, mostly.

Conveniently times to follow the release of the Telstra TV, the two Unlimited plans on offer are a $99 per month (over 24 months) bundle that includes Telstra TV, three months of Foxtel Now, pay as you go calls and a Telstra Gateway Frontier Modem. The $130 per month plan gives you the option of two years of Foxtel Now or Foxtel from Telstra.

You can find out more about them (read the fine print, kids) here.

But back to all that data we are chewing up streaming.

“In the past year alone, traffic carried over our fixed network has increased by 40 per cent,” Telstra Group Executive for Consumer and Small Business Vicki Brady said.

“Streaming entertainment content has become a way of life for Australians, with around two thirds of us now streaming our favourite shows. We’re also using more connected devices in the home than ever before with the rise of smart home technologies.”

Brady reckons not having a data limit will “provide peace of mind” as we keep growing our data usage.

How much data are you using a month?


  • A step in the right direction, but it’s still $99 for a 15Mbps connection. Terrible value for money. It costs an extra $30 on top of that to go up to 60Mbps which is still a lower speed and higher cost than most other plans on offer by other service providers.

  • Those new plans seem to lose unlimited calls to all phones in Australia.

    The top two tiers of the old plan had 1 and 2 TB, BUT they also had unlimited call options.

    Personally, I had over 2TB of data. It may as well have been unlimited because even with 3 streamers in the house we never came close to it. We rarely hit the 1TB mark. If I was to move to one of these similar priced plans I would end up paying more because now all calls are charged. Your mileage may vary of course, I know many people don’t use their landline for calls these day.

    Not that it matters, because they have activated unlimited on the older plans over $99 as well. So my 2TB is now unlimited, and I still have all calls included.

  • Not sure why you think “unlimited” is a good idea. Streaming requires bandwidth being available, and you are least likely to get it from an unlimited provider. 1 TB was plenty for other than a multi user household of big streamers, but then 2 TB was enough surely.

    Sorry if someone streams a lot of 4k, I have no idea what that uses. Is there a lot of 4k content to stream?

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