16 Ways To Keep Sleep At Bay (Without Coffee)

If you're anticipating a late night and don't want to resort to hard drugs or caffeine, this infographic contains bunch of clever ways to keep yourself more alert, ranging from sniffing peppermint oil to various acupressure techniques.

The infographic below was created by blogger Yumi Sakugawa. It contains three simple acupressure techniques that can give you a wakeful boost along with dietary tips and assorted natural stimulants. None of these are going to completely re-energise you, but they should at least keep you alert and engaged while burning the midnight oil.

[Via Secret Tips from the Yumiverse]


    Apples :-)
    I swear by them being better than coffee at staying awake

      I used to eat apples to stay awake as well but then I started getting a sore stomach from having apples by themselves :(

    The work week is nearly overNov 14, 2017, 2:30pmIt's a Tuesday. The work week's just started.

      That's what happens when a 9 month old article is reposted :P

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