Speed Snafu: Now Optus Is Offering NBN Refunds Too

Speed Snafu: Now Optus Is Offering NBN Refunds Too
Image: Optus

Fresh on the heels of a similar declaration from Telstra, Optus has announced it will be compensating customers for slow NBN speeds. Here are the details.

In the wake of an ACCC investigation into dodgy NBN adverts, Australian telcos have been scrambling to address potential violations of consumer protection law by compensating affected customers.

The latest ISP to offer refunds is Optus. Today the telco acknowledged that some customers may have been signed up for plans that promised maximum speeds that was actually impossible in their area. The overcharged customers are now being offered compensation.

As with Telstra, Optus is attempting to get out in front of the problem by reporting issues to the ACCC and offering refunds before it becomes a legal issue.

“We are examining the detail of the announcement by the ACCC, but can confirm that Optus is taking action to provide appropriate remedies to those customers where it has been confirmed that the underlying NBN service cannot deliver the speed they signed up for,” an Optus spokeswoman told the ABC.

Optus has not yet revealed what form of compensation it will be offering, but is reportedly considering “a range of measures” that will depend on the customer’s individual circumstances.

We expect that the options will be similar to Telstra’s – which includes a refund of the monthly premium and a choice to break contract or move to a cheaper plan. We’ll be updating the article when we have additional information.

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