Slack Has Stopped Working For Most People

Slack not workingImage: iStock

The popular workplace collaboration tool Slack is currently experiencing a massive outage with people unable to connect to their workspaces. Here are the details.

Currently, thousands of users are receiving a "server error" message when they attempt to log in. This has left remote workers stranded from colleagues, with no way to send messages or access files from within the app.

"We're so sorry for this disruption to your day. We are doing all we can to get you back into your workspace," Slack said in a Tweet.

The issue is affecting users worldwide. Here's a map of local disruptions from Aussie Outages:

Reportedly, the Slack app is working for some people but not others. We'll be updating this story as it further develops.


    So it either is working in Perth, or no one uses it here :P

    Ah the cloud. Now we can have outages are global in scale, rather than limited to just one business!

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