How To Get An iPhone X On Launch Day

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The iPhone X officially goes on sale today, and die-hard fans are already lining up at Apple Stores around the country. If you have your heart set on being one of the first owners of the iPhone X in Australia, you're going to have your work cut out for you - stock is expected to run out fast with no new shipments until Christmas.

With that in mind, here are six tips to make your quest slightly more achievable.

iPhone X Australian launch date

The iPhone X officially goes on sale on November 3, with prices starting at $1579. Customers who failed to pre-order the device will still be able to pick up one up in-store - if they're lucky.

"Stores will have iPhone X available for walk-in customers, who are encouraged to arrive early," Apple warned in a statement.

The demand for a new iPhone model has always outstripped supply on launch day. However, the situation is expected to be even worse with the iPhone X due to the number of pre-orders taken by Apple and Aussie telcos as well as a smaller shipment of units. Simply put, there aren't many left for people who prefer to pay at the register.

iPhone X shopping tips for launch day

We're not going to lie to you: your chances of scoring an iPhone X tomorrow are not good - especially if your heart is set on a certain colour or capacity. You'd be much better off avoiding the aggravation and waiting for fresh stock to arrive in December. But we understand how it goes: a shiny new iPhone is somehow less shiny the day after launch. If you absolutely must have one tomorrow, here are some tips to keep in mind.

#1 Avoid Apple Stores

Apple's official stores will get the lion's share of iPhone X stock tomorrow. However, they will also have the most customers. iPhone product launches have become showstopping spectacles at Apple Stores with thousands of fans eager to be part of the atmosphere and excitement. If you're not planning to line up overnight, our advice is to avoid the Apple Stores altogether. Instead, hit a retailer with less cultural cache (and thus, smaller crowds.)

#2 Phone around and make a list

Don't blindly visit stores tomorrow or you'll be at it all day. Instead, call up the electronic retailers and department stores in your area. Ask them if they still have stock and how many they have left (they won't hold one for you so don't bother asking.) Once you have your list, hit the stores with the most stock first.

#3 Don't be fussy about the colour

The iPhone X comes in a choice of Space Grey or Silver. If you can live with either finish, your odds of picking up an iPhone 7 will be higher. (On the plus side, there are no divisive colour schemes this time around, so you wont be stuck with 'rose gold', or whatever.)

#4 Buy the 256GB model

The 256GB iPhone X is a bit of a rip-off - compared to the 64GB version, you're paying a premium of $250. On the plus side, you're unlikely to run out of storage any time soon and your odds of getting hold of a handset will be better: most customers avoid the highest capacity model to save a few bucks.

#5 Stick to telco's flagship stores

With the exception of pre-orders, most major telcos will not be selling the iPhone X in outer suburban or regional outlets. If you're looking to pick up the device from your mobile network provider, you'll need to try your luck at one of their flagship metropolitan stores.

#6 Reserve your iPhone X on Apple's website

You can pre-order the iPhone X through Apple's website. Just be aware that you won't receive the device for 5-6 weeks.


    Lol, just walk into a store that is not an Apple store and get one. If you have a massive hard on for it, turn up 30min early.

    Rocked up to my local Telstra store at 8. Was like 5th in line, they had plenty of stock. Article not required.

    Or you could, y'know, not blow a metric shitload of money on yet another phone that does exactly the same things as last year's model...

    Pre ordered from vodafone and got my iphone delivered around 10am right at my door today

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