These Are The Commuting Habits Australians Hate Most [Infographic]

Image: Lifehacker

The 2016 Australian Commuting Survey explores how we travel to and from work and the various ways it affects us. This infographic breaks down the chief findings - including our #1 pet peeve while driving and using public transport.

Australian Commuting Survey is conducted by Real Insurance each year to chronicle our commuting behavior. Unsurprisingly, sick/coughing passengers were the biggest annoyance for users of public transport, whereas drivers nominated tailgaters and motorists who fail to indicate.

Curiously, quiet carriage violations - which have caused many arguments on NSW, Victoria and Queensland trains - failed to rate a mention. With that said, a whopping 93 per cent of public transport users said they found "loudmouths" annoying, which is basically the same thing.

But it's not all doom and gloom: the report also breaks down the various ways commuters stay productive or relaxed during their daily commute. It also includes statistics on the rise of ride sharing and other money-saving travel schemes. You can check out the report's chief findings below.

[Real Insurance]


    1. Not just people who don't use indicators, but those who don't watch indicators who drive up behind people turning right and sucker everyone else into thinking the lane is going straight ahead. I suspect there is a big overlap between these groups.
    2. Queue jumpers in a single lane, who weave around you in the parking lane to move 1-2 spaces ahead, but really just slow the whole column of traffic down.

    given how jam packed we are on public transport, i've taken to wearing a mask now

      Batman or Darth Vader?

        haha it's more vader esq

        I got them when I was in Taiwan

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