These Are The Commuting Habits Australians Hate Most [Infographic]

These Are The Commuting Habits Australians Hate Most [Infographic]
Image: Lifehacker

The 2016 Australian Commuting Survey explores how we travel to and from work and the various ways it affects us. This infographic breaks down the chief findings – including our #1 pet peeve while driving and using public transport.

Australian Commuting Survey is conducted by Real Insurance each year to chronicle our commuting behavior. Unsurprisingly, sick/coughing passengers were the biggest annoyance for users of public transport, whereas drivers nominated tailgaters and motorists who fail to indicate.

Curiously, quiet carriage violations – which have caused many arguments on NSW, Victoria and Queensland trains – failed to rate a mention. With that said, a whopping 93 per cent of public transport users said they found “loudmouths” annoying, which is basically the same thing.

But it’s not all doom and gloom: the report also breaks down the various ways commuters stay productive or relaxed during their daily commute. It also includes statistics on the rise of ride sharing and other money-saving travel schemes. You can check out the report’s chief findings below.

[Real Insurance]


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