Neural Networks Used To Enhance Images

Neural Networks Used To Enhance Images
Image: Let's Enhance

You know that totally bogus thing where an investigator on a TV show is able to take a grainy, low-res satellite photo and zoom in so you can see the label on the back of someone’s clothing? That thing that anyone with a computer knows is totally fake. Well, a new neural network-based service promises to make that piece of cinematic license a reality. Let’s Enhance uses neural networks to interpolate the missing pixels and create clear images when you zoom into a photo.

Let’s Enhance is an online service. You drag and drop and image onto the webpage and the neural network kicks in, filling in the blanks as the image is upscaled.

Obviously, when sending images up to a web service, privacy and security are important. Their policy seems to tick all the right boxes when it comes to the use of encryption, no tracking cookies, and limiting access to your data to a limited number of people.

So, it seems that technology is, once again, catching up with fiction.

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