NBN: The HFC Rollout Delay Could Cost Taxpayers $790 Million

NBN: The HFC Rollout Delay Could Cost Taxpayers $790 Million
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Yesterday it was announced that NBN was putting an immediate halt to any new HFC connections while it makes “crucial upgrades” for existing customers. An analysis of the 2016 NBN Corporate Plan, approved by the NBN board and signed off by Shareholder Ministers, shows the cost of this action could cost taxpayers between $420 to $790 million.

The plan is available for anyone to read here.

Here’s the bit you want to see, though:


As pointed out by Shadow Minister for Communications Michelle Rowland and Shadow Minister for Finance Jim Chambers, a seven month delay in HFC activations profile would have a $1 billion impact on rollout funding.

“On 24 May 2017, the Senate had NBN confirm the $1 billion figure was based on a seven month delay, for three million services, with an average revenue of $47 per month,” the pair said in a join statement released today.

“It has now been revealed that problems with Turnbull’s second-rate NBN could further delay the HFC rollout by 6 to 9 months for up to 2.5 million premises.”

So based on the figures signed off by the NBN Board – these delays could impact funding by between $420 and $790 million.

We have reached out to NBN for a statement.

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