NBN Network, You’re A National Disgrace

Here’s a little something to kick off your Monday morning: The Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) Roast!

With the possible exception of former Communications Minister Malcolm Tunbull, the NBN doesn’t have many fans left in Australia – us included.

Australian YouTuber and comedian RobComRobComhas taken this dislike to a new level, releasing a hilarious “diss track” to put the network – and its ageing copper connections – in their place.

In the words of my esteemed colleague Jackson Ryan:

Finally, someone has crafted a piece of art so biting, so scathing, so Australian that it perfectly encapsulates what an absolute disaster the NBN has been.

Even if you hate rap, this is a must-watch. (The buffer gag in particular is gold.) Enjoy!

If you want to see more of RobComRobCom’s extremely Aussie brand of comedy, you can download one of his albums for free here.

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[Via RobComRobCom]


  • As someone who has labour’s original fibre-to-the-premise implementation, it is reliable and fast. Any reliability issues are usually related to issues with our internal wireless wireless. The wired connections are excellent and stable.

    I will say that the routers supplied by the telcos are rubbish, and we did originally have issues because of that. But once I bought a decent router, it’s been relatively smooth sailing.

    The LNP spent years claiming that the NBN was another Labour disaster, so that they had to pretend this was true when they gained power. They claimed they could do it cheaper and better. Of course, that was just political grandstanding. Their moronic alternate fibre-to-node implementation is the result of that constant rhetoric.

    The blame for this mess rests solidly with the LNP. Our neighbourhood has an excellent NBN, mainly because Malcolm Turnbull and his “fiscally responsible” idiots had nothing to do with it’s design.

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