Macca's Just Added Bacon To The Big Mac (So There Probably Is A God)

Image: Macca's

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, tomato and bacon on a sesame seed bun.

Macca's have unveiled the Big Mac BLT, a limited-edition summer time treat from the burger behemoth.

It's a pretty simple concept: Add tomato and bacon to your staple menu item and perhaps you will entice customers into buying it - who can resist bacon? Of course, with the Create Your Taste menu, you could essentially make this very burger yourself from scratch, but from today you can grab one without any of that hassle.

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It comes in at a gut-busting and highly concerning 2320kJ. In the app, its promotional image looks like a mighty burger tower descended from the heavens, but the reality is probably not quite as divine. (Look out for a Takeway Truth expose coming soon.)

According to the mymacca's app, it will cost $6.65. That falls into Not Cheap Burger territory.

On top of this, Macca's have begun their "GO FULL SUMMER" promotion and will be running daily deals during the season (yeah, they've gone a couple days early) in the mymacca's app. Today, if you use the app you can grab 1 Big Mac BLT and get a second Big Mac BLT for free! The offer is only valid until midnight tonight though and must be redeemed through the app.

If you've tried one of these, let us know in the comments below. I need lunch ideas!


    i will never understand why people pay a premium price for their small cheap and nasty burgers.

      How dare people like things you dont like. We should only be allowed to enjoy foods you like.

        im sorry, i must have missed where i said you werent allowed to enjoy them.
        what i did notice though was someone attempting to troll with a reply that had nothing to do with my initial comment.
        maybe you should go back to reddit where cancerous people like you seem to be the norm.

    After reading this article i bought a Big Mac BLT. A smallish limp leaf of lettuce, one slice of tomato and wait... where's the bacon? No bacon!

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