LogMeIn GoToStage Delivers On Demand Video For Business

Image: iStock

LogMeIn has launched GoToStage, a video platform designed to help marketers generate awareness and interest through hosting, promoting, and viewing webinars on demand. It enables marketers to curate and customise a branded channel that integrates with GoToWebinar.

Webinars are becoming an increasingly popular communications medium so it makes sense to have a platform like a YouTube channel that brings all your video assets together.

LogMeIn has also done some analytics on about 350,000 webinars hosted through their platforms and found that Tuesday is the most popular day for webinars, accounting for about 25% of registrations and 11am is the best time to host a webinar, with 2pm coming in at a close second. The optimal viewing time is about an hour.

GoToStage is currently in beta with the company planning to add reporting and analytics to allow users to track views, videos watched, attention span, get lead contact information. There’s more information on GoToStage at their website.


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