Get The iPhone X’s Notch On Your Android Device Using This App

Get The iPhone X’s Notch On Your Android Device Using This App

Android: When it comes to the iPhone X, there are a few features worth lusting after. However, if you’re an Android user chance are one of the things you’re not experiencing any FOMO about is the notch.

Image: Gizmodo

The notorious notch at the top of the iPhone X has annoyed a tremendous number of early adopters. If you want to annoy them even further, you can download a notch onto your Android phone for some prime trolling opportunities.

Mashable reports a new app called XOutof10 allows any Android phone running Ice Cream Sandwich or above to mimic the flagship iPhone’s iconic notch. Beyond aesthetics, it doesn’t actually do anything, but downloading it could make for a pretty interesting conversation starter, depending on your circle of friends.

The app is available as a free download on GitHub.

Beyond being just a way to annoy your friends, it can also be a decent way to try the notch out and decide if it’s too annoying for you to make the switch to the iPhone X, presuming that was a purchase you were considering.


  • How is the notch a feature? It’s a bloody compromise. While you’re there why not download an app that restricts your phone camera to 640×480 resolution, or better yet one that only lets you see your photos after you wait two weeks for them to be developed. Just like in the “old” days.

  • this could be great for trolling purposes.
    stand there with a straight face telling them how you really like how it looks like an iPhone

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