How Long Do Your Favourite Takeaway Dishes Last In The Fridge? [Infographic]

It is a widely known fact that leftover pizza tastes better after a day or two in the fridge. The same is true of many popular takeaway dishes. But how long is too long? This infographic explains when ten popular takeaway dishes begin to enter the danger zone - along with warning signs to look out for.

Personally, I think humanity has become a teensy bit precious when it comes to food safety and use-by dates. After all, we used to eat raw meat in filthy caves and managed to survive as a species.

I've been known to scarf sushi that's well over a week old and have never suffered any consequences. When the apocalypse comes and we're all eating maggoty refuse out of turned over bins, my intestines will be fully prepared.

For the rest of you, this infographic from Refinery29 could prove handy. It explains when ten popular takeaway foods begin to turn during refrigeration and how you can tell if it's spoiled. Or you could be like me and munch through the lot imperviously.

Find the Expiration Date of Your Leftover Takeout With This Handy Cheat Sheet

[Via Refinery29]


    If youre game enough to leave these a day and eat them. Buy a lotto ticket too.

      I ate a two day old chicken subway left out on the kitchen bench when i was a bit younger

      No issues. Never won the lotto though

    have to add 'Alert' to 'How Many Of These 40 Common English Mistakes Can You Spell Correctly?'

    Article has KFC as the click bait on the front page

    ... doesn't tell me how long i can keep kfc for :/

      Yeah but in all seriousness who can resist cold KFC it's the fucking bomb. It's never gonna hang around for very long in my fridge

    For anyone who doesn't know, put in a cup half full of water with your cold pizza in the microwave for non-soggy pizza!

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