Check Your Inbox: You May Have Won A $10 4K TV

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Click Frenzy was a couple of weeks ago now and, as you may remember, Lifehacker braved the long hours to live blog the whole thing. With good reason too! Some items were 99% off, including an LG 55" 4K TV that was going for just $10.

If you were one of the unlucky many who missed out on Click Frenzy's Go Wild deals - all hope is not lost. You may still have snagged a huge bargain despite being told you weren't quick enough.

For the uninitiated, Click Frenzy ran some 'Go Wild' deals over 24 hours back on November 14. Those who were quick enough were able to snag huge bargains - Xbox Ones for $4 and DJI drones for $10, for example.

However, it seems some of the users who acquired these items weren't following Click Frenzy's terms and conditions. Sadly for them, they won't be receiving any items this Christmas.

Lifehacker can confirm that some Click Frenzy shoppers who missed out are now receiving emails that suggest some users did not play by the rules and have had their orders cancelled.

Click Frenzy hasn't holed up and decided to keep its products until next year though. Instead it's giving them to the users who were next in line.

Here's the email that some lucky Click Frenzy shoppers have been receiving:

Due to a few people ignoring the rules, we have cancelled some orders. According to our e-commerce system, which tracks checkout activity down to the millisecond, you were next in line for [product name]! It’s been a painstaking process but we’ve made it, and if you still want it you’ll have this bargain of a lifetime before Christmas. Act quickly and your item could be shipped today.

This has also been confirmed on Click Frenzy's official Facebook page.

So what does all this mean? Well, if you were next in line for any of the listed products that had orders cancelled you might still be a winner! Check your inboxes and spam folders for a potential win.

If you haven't got any emails, no need to panic - the next Click Frenzy is only 169 days away! Nice!


    I scored a drone :) Was so annoyed because my browser kept crashing when I was being put through to paypal on the night. Got the email today saying I was next in line for the drone so clicked through and got confirmation and tracking information like 5mins later :) Yay

    That's exactly what happened last year. I got one of those emails and did end up with the product. I thought it would have been fixed for this year.

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