Australia's Same-Sex Marriage Laws Just Had A Massive Win In The Senate

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Australia’s same-sex marriage legislation is one step closer to becoming law following a massive endorsement in the Senate. The bill passed 43 votes to 12, with a number of senators, including One Nation’s Pauline Hanson, abstaining from the vote.

Hanson claimed there was not enough “tolerance” in the senate for those who supported the no campaign.

Dean Smith’s private members bill passed without amendment, despite attempts by several MPs, including Attorney-general and government leader in the senate George Brandis, to change the legislation in a bid to protect people against being involved in a same-sex marriage on religious or “conscientious objection” grounds.

The bill will now head to the Lower House, but debate will be delayed until next week after prime minister cancelled this week’s sitting, citing this legislation as a priority for the government.

Here are the senators who voted no:

Parliament returns next week with the legislation expected to pass by the end of the week.


    Between that and the Voluntary Assisted Dying scheme passing in Victoria, it was a good day in politics for a change.

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