Amazon Australia Is Exploding With New Products

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Amazon still hasn't announced an official launch date for its online marketplace in Australia. However, the website continues to be quietly populated with hardware products. In addition to the laptops, power boards and garden gnomes (?) that popped up last week, you can now find kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners and heaters - including high-end gear from Dyson!

As reported on Business Insider, Amazon’s Australian site has begun listing new items including vacuum cleaners and heaters from big name brands. While these products do not appear on the front page yet, you can find them via our aforementioned Google search trick.

The available products range from smart watches to electric blankets from best-selling brands like Dyson, Sunbeam and Huawei. (Note: While you can't buy these products yet, they will presumably all be available at launch.)

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Currently, no prices are listed alongside each product, so we still have no idea how aggressively Amazon intends to attack local retail. But one thing these products do reveal is the scope of Amazon's Down Under offerings.

If these listings are anything to go by, Aussie shoppers are going to be spoiled for choice by Amazon's online store, with kitchen appliances, electronics, general household items and computing gear all jostling for space on the website.

Rather than receiving a cut-down service dedicated to one or two categories, it appears we'll be getting the full Amazon experience. If Gerry Harvey and company weren't already worried, now is the time to start sweating!

[Via Business Insider]


    Do we know anything about shipping costs/methods yet?

      My guess would be lots and Auspost/ star track.

      It's up to the merchant at this stage - so the usual courier companies and costs.

        For Marketplace sales, sure, but for "true" Amazon sales, who knows!
        One thing though, they have the clout to run at a loss for many years to gain market share (as they've done in other territories) so I wouldn't expect shipping costs to be as ruinously outrageous as current Aussie retailer's attempts at online selling.

    I want a TV crew to follow Gerry Harvey around on Amazon launch day so we can see his reaction. As my dad says, "suffer in ya jocks, Gerry"

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