Amazon Australia Isn’t Launching Today [Updated]

Amazon Australia Isn’t Launching Today [Updated]

The impending launch of Amazon Australia was widely tipped to happen today. This would have seen it coincide with the Black Friday shopping frenzy to maximise hype and sales.

Despite a brief appearance in the early morning, there’s still no sign of Amazon’s revamped storefront. At this stage, it seems extremely unlikely that we’ll see it reappear this week. Here’s what you need to know.

” excerpt=”Amazon’s soft launch is set for tomorrow afternoon. This means that you will soon be able to buy everything from food to electronics without paying exorbitant international shipping fees. As the launch inches closer, more and more questions are being answered about Amazon’s arrival in the Great Southern Land. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know.”] The website’s current status

The website still shows the same Kindle shopfront that has been online since 2013. While it’s possible to get a sneak peak of the items Amazon will be selling, attempting to purchase non-Kindle products just takes you to the front page.

The Amazon launch date that wasn’t

You’re probably wondering why vast swathes of the Australian media (including Lifehacker) claimed that the site would launch on November 23 or 24. This date wasn’t just mindless conjecture – it came straight from the horse’s mouth.

In an email sent to Marketplace sellers, Amazon said it would ‘soft launch’ the site at 2pm AEST yesterday. However, as we noted in our original coverage, this was only a “testing phase” open to “a small number of customers”.

The whole point of this soft launch was to ensure third-party sellers were adequately prepared for the site’s official opening. Subsequently, the window of operation was kept deliberately small.

So when is the Amazon launch date?

All signs currently point to next week. We’ve been in constant correspondence with Amazon’s Aussie reps, but they’ve been unable to provide us with a concrete launch date. (And even if they did, we wouldn’t be allowed to tell you until the embargo lifts.)

Our money would be on Thursday or Friday (November 30 and December 1, respectively). This gives Amazon a few extra days to iron out any kinks and prepare favoured media for the impending launch.

In addition, online shoppers tend to be more active in the latter half of the week. Amazon will want the launch sales figures to be as large as possible for obvious PR reasons and every cent helps.

Personally, we think it makes sense that Amazon skipped Black Friday. The company obviously wants to make a big splash when it opens. A Black Friday launch would have seen it lumped in with a bunch of unrelated deals. Plus, it would have created false price expectations for shoppers unfamiliar with Black Friday.

In any event, next week still gives Amazon plenty of time to capitalise on the Christmas shopping period. Watch this space!

” excerpt=”Click Frenzy was just a dry run. The world’s biggest online shopping sale (AKA Black Friday) has just kicked off across the globe. Here are the best Black Friday deals that have already appeared online, from cheap video game consoles to price-slashed smartphones.”]


  • I dunno, I’m starting to get over it.

    We’re excited about amazon because it’s meant to be cheaper, but it’s increasingly seeming like it won’t be up properly for months. Probably just tech next week… but you’ll likely still get better deals just by shopping amazon us over the weekend, even if you go over the $1000 GST limit

    • If the UK’s anything to go by, he’s got a bit to worry about. Population density and economic crises might differ, but a good number of electrical retailers went under shortly after the full Amazon launch there.

      • And a lot of long term casualties too.

        But what you tend to see is that one big brick and mortar retailer remains at least. In the UK their equivalent of JB and dick Smith ended up buying each other and then the countries largest independent phone shop.

        I’d expect the same here. JB will suffer a lot, but with no competition left at all on the streets, I think they’ll either survive, or go bust and get bought by someone who can make it work. Same for Bunnings.

        It’s the department stores really. I expect big W to go but target survive (they’re used to amazon in the US), but there’s no way Myer, DJ and Harvey Norman will all make it through. Personally if one has to go I hope it’s harvey Norman for the GST on all overseas purchases.

        Personally, I gave up waiting for amazon here. Bought a laptop, hard drive, Gigi equipment and a camera from the US. Even with shipping and GST saved a bucked load.

        Example: A laptop I bought for our son was $1420 including shipping, duties and credit card currency exchange rate. Best deal I could find here for the same thing (was actually Harvey Norman) nearly $400 more.

        • Target & Kmart are not related to Ameria’s ones. They are both owned by Westfarmers which also owns Bunnings and Officeworks. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. BIG W is already experiencing problems so no doubt Amazon would make it a lot harder for Woolworths when their Masters stores failed.

  • The Amazon Australia site launched yesterday at 2pm AEST.

    I know this cause I set a reminder alarm and logged on and created an account.

    Alot of my friends and family all logged on at the same time and made purchases.

  • @Lifehacker I Believe it when I see it. I have Contacted Amazon Australia myself they told me it’s not true what the media are claiming that Amazon Australia launch date Thursday 23rd or Friday 24th of November 2017 Amazon Australia told me they don’t have an official launch date yet and when they do they will post it on their official social media accounts.

  • See, everything I heard in the media, up until the last month or so, said it would launch sometime in 2018. No idea why everyone thought that had changed. I guess a warehouse gets an official opening and people start speculating wildly. My thoughts were always “surely they need more than one warehouse before they launch?”

    • Depends how big it is. And how much they want to put in it.

      My take on their operations is that in the era of just-in-time manufacturing, having literal shed loads of products doesn’t make sense. Getting products from manufacturer to consumer quickly saves on having tens of millions of dollars tied up in inventory.

  • I guess the price won’t be a lot cheaper than the 20% off from BingLee, JB, HN, etc…I think the Australia product distributor here control the price. Unless their stocks are from other countries. If they are from here, I wonder how they can sell it cheaper without some authorization from the distributors..

  • I cant see Amazon launching pre-Christmas. I feel a Boxing or New Years Day launch would be more appropriate for the Australian market as this is the biggest sales period for OZ Retailers. Amazon has a great history of taking on bricks and mortar retailers at their best sales periods. Makes more sense that they would do this. Also, two things here that I think that Aussies are hoping for that Amazon won’t be able to achieve for quite some time.

    1. Bring down the price of shipping costs – With Amazon using Aust Post, Startrack and Fastway it is very unlikely that they will have any impact here for quite a number of years. The average shipping charge for most of the Oz websites is the $15 mark. I can’t see this changing too soon. The best offers on shipping we will get is the occasional free shipping specials.
    2. I don’t think we will get the great deals we have been hoping for on Amazon AU. I just did a search on the ‘everything else’ Amazon AU site as listed by the link Ashish listed above and found a ‘BELKIN ROTATING DUAL USB CHARGER WITH AC SOCKET’ listed on Amazon AU @ $31.97. I found the same product on the Good Guys site for $29.95. If I was an OZ retailer this would be very encouraging for me. This proves an earlier comment I made on LH in this article about what Amazon sellers may do for the Oz market.
    I am a regular commenter on Amazon on LH site. Stay tuned for more of my commentary to see if I am right or not.

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