Why You Should Probably Buy AppleCare+ For The IPhone X

Apple revealed how much it will cost to fix the iPhone X without AppleCare+ on Friday and it's a lot more expensive than it used to be — probably because of that fancy new OLED display. If you've skipped the protection plan before, you may want to think twice this time around.

Apple's New Repair Prices


Take a look at the chart above, which shows the cost of repairs without AppleCare+, and you'll notice the difference immediately. At $418.95, just repairing the iPhone X screen is almost twice as expensive as it was on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Non-screen repairs aren't cheap either at $818.95, compared to $518.95 on the iPhone 8 and $598.95 on the 8 Plus.

AppleCare+ is also more expensive than it used to be - but once you pay for the extended warranty, the cost of repairs goes down to $45 for screen damage and $149 for everything else. (Without AppleCare+ you're only covered for one year and only for manufacturing defects).

What that means is that if you break your iPhone X screen just once, you'll save money thanks to AppleCare+. With previous models, it's actually been cheaper to go without the protection plan if you only end up cracking the screen once.

So when you're buying the iPhone X (assuming you can even get your hands on one) take an extra minute to think about whether you should pay for AppleCare+. You'll thank yourself a few months from now if you drop it and the screen shatters.


    There's much better suggestions than taking out such a ridiculously expensive 'protection' plan. First of all, a one year warranty is garbage: products have to last a reasonable amount of time, regardless of what the manufacturer states. Secondly, it might actually be cheaper to check your contents insurance and have it included there as an added option.

    Under australian consumer law you’re actually covered for 2 years for iPhones as their price represents expected quality in the product. Has saved my ass with an Apple Watch when the screen popped off (series 0)

    wait hang on.
    what do you mean by the warranty is only 1 year? i thought the Australian Consumer guarantee worked out a long time ago that a consumer would expect a mobile phone to last at least 2 years from defects.

    Last edited 30/10/17 8:15 am

    Applecare+ covers accidental damage. Australian consumer law doesn't - it covers you when the product fails because it was faulty (not because you dropped it).

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