Deadly Cotton Rolls And Other Terrifying Mythical Creatures [Infographic]

Deadly Cotton Rolls And Other Terrifying Mythical Creatures [Infographic]
Image: Patterson-Gimlin Film

Have you heard the story of the Orkney monster, the Nuckelavee, that appears as a skinned man-horse-cyclops and exudes a toxic vapour from its mouth? No?

How about the Ittan-Momen, Japan’s sentient roll of cotton that suffocates people?

Mythical creatures are weird (but also terrifying).

This awesome infographic, which comes from Costume Craze, via reddit’s r/coolguides, details 45 different mythical creatures from around the world. There are some absolute gems in here and by ‘absolute gems’ I mean ‘creatures that make me never want to visit their place of origin’.

Take the Dullahan, from Ireland, that uses a human spine as a whip? Because of course it does. The Penanggalan, from Malaysia, is a disembodied female head, except she’s not entirely disembodied because her inner organs dangle from her neck as she flies through the night. Who even comes up with this stuff? It’s so crazy… it just might be true.

This is a treasure trove of horror! Where are all the Hollywood stories about the Ittan-Momen, my absolute favourite thing on the list. It’s basically a paper towel that wants to suffocate humans by blocking their mouth and nose. A deadly, sentient toilet roll.

Boy oh boy.

Let’s just be glad this doesn’t include Japan’s Shirime – a spirit with an eye instead of an anus. That’d be a little too confronting.

Image: Costume Craze

[Costume Craze]


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