The Cheapest Way To Buy The Pixel 2 In Australia

The Cheapest Way To Buy The Pixel 2 In Australia

Google are set to drop the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on October 31. Even though there may be a few issues with those screens, the Pixel 2 looks to be a quality phone with excellent software and a powerful camera. But jumping on the Google-train with Telstra’s contract options doesn’t come cheap – so is it better to buy the phone outright and get a prepaid plan?

Here’s the cheapest way to grab a Pixel 2.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guides to Telstra’s contract plans for the Pixel 2 – then you’re better off looking at Gizmodo’s Telstra plan round-up here.

Buying a premium smartphone outright is a costly one-off investment, so most of the time you’ll find people prefer to get a new phone on a contract — among other purported benefits, you also receive a “subsidy” over the life of the contract, and a fixed amount of call, text and data during that time. But that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily pay less over the life of the phone.

To work out whether going on a contract makes sense, we’ve compared the costs of various no-contract plans over a 24-month period and the outright cost of both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, with the equivalent contract plans on the Telstra network.

If you can buy a phone outright, pay for 24 months on a no-contract deal, and spend less than being on contract, then why should you want to be locked in? With the pace that technology moves at these days and the never-ending cycle of shiny, new phones… who knows when you’ll be upgrading again?

Plus, a month-to-month payment allows you to quickly move between providers with no hassle if a better deal emerges in the future!

The No-Contract Plans

In this context, an equivalent plan is one which offers the same amount of data. Experience suggests that data inclusions are the most salient feature when comparing smartphone plans — very few people use all their call and text allocations on a contract, but running out of data on a phone plan is common.

For the sake of this comparison we’ve only included plans with greater than 5GB of data. Most prepaid plans will have cheaper options with less data that may be applicable to the way you use your mobile, but I’d think that if you’re going to buy a Pixel 2 – you’re likely going to want a hefty data cap to go with it.

The plans we’ve included in this roundup are either pre-paid or month-to-month contracts that can be cancelled at any time. Thus, in this round-up, we’re comparing Telstra’s Pixel 2 contract plans with the prepaid plans on offer with Aldi Mobile, Boost Mobile and Belong – which all use the Telstra Network.

Every one of these Prepaid plans includes unlimited texting and calls. We’ve calculated how much it would cost to stay on this prepaid plan for 24 months — adding that figure to the outright buy price for the Pixel 2 handset will then inform our comparisons with the contract plans.

Pixel 2 Plans

We’ve only taken a look at one of Telstra’s post-paid plans here which is

Phone Monthly Cost Included Data Total Cost
Pixel 2 64GB $99 20GB $2376
Pixel 2 128GB $107 20GB $2568
Pixel 2 XL 64GB $114 20GB $2736
Pixel 2 XL 128GB $119 20GB $2856

Pixel 2 64GB

Provider Prepaid Cost Data Prepaid Total (+ phone) Telstra Plan Total Prepaid Saving ($)
Telstra $1440 10GB $2519 $2376 -143
Boost $1200 11GB $2279 $2376 97
Aldi $1080 12GB $2159 $2376 217
Belong $1080 15GB $2159 $2376 217

Pixel 2 128GB

Provider Prepaid Cost Data Prepaid Total (+ phone) Telstra Plan Total Prepaid Saving ($)
Telstra $1440 10GB $2669 $2568 -101
Boost $1200 11GB $2429 $2568 139
Aldi $1080 12GB $2309 $2568 259
Belong $1080 15GB $2309 $2568 259

Pixel 2 XL 64GB

Provider Prepaid Cost Data Prepaid Total (+ phone) Telstra Plan Total Prepaid Saving ($)
Telstra $1440 10GB $2839 $2736 -103
Boost $1200 11GB $2599 $2736 137
Aldi $1080 12GB $2479 $2736 257
Belong $1080 15GB $2479 $2736 257

Pixel 2 XL 128GB

Provider Prepaid Cost Data Prepaid Total (+ phone) Telstra Plan Total Prepaid Saving ($)
Telstra $1440 10GB $2989 $2856 -133
Boost $1200 11GB $2749 $2856 107
Aldi $1080 12GB $2629 $2856 227
Belong $1080 15GB $2629 $2856 227

The Cheapest Way To Buy A Pixel 2 Or Pixel 2 XL

The Cheapest Way To Buy The Pixel 2 In Australia

The first thing to remember is that the savings in the table above are based on Telstra’s Go Mobile Swap Large plan, which includes 12GB of data and 8GB bonus data per month. Most of the prepaid options that are listed above are the most comparable to the 20GB data plan, but if you’re not fussed with huge data inclusions, then you’re going to be saving a lot of money picking prepaid plans that offer data between 2GB and 10GB a month. The Go Mobile Swap plan also allows you to get a new phone every 12 months but you must hand in your old phone in good working order and pay a $99 fee, something you won’t be able to do on the no contract, prepaid options.

The data limits of the various no contract options don’t get near the 20GB that Telstra offer with their Large plan, but Boost, ALDI and Belong all offer more than 10GB a month. The one caveat is that Boost’s offering includes 7GB a month and an extra 1GB per weekend.

If you find that you are a data fiend and are using your phone predominantly as a way to access the internet, then Belong mobile are the pick here. Belong’s SIM only plans don’t offer outgoing calls and texts – you pay $5 extra per month for these – and for comparison’s sake we included that in the pricing above. Of course, you can still make calls through apps like Skype or Whatsapp, should you need to. Therefore, if you find that you’re not using your phoneto make outgoing calls, Belong is going to save you the most money overall and still give you a pretty hefty data limit.

Lastly, we’ve added the RRP of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL to the prices listed here. Although it is less likely you will be able to negotiate a better price on launch day, if you’re picking one up from JB Hi-Fi, you may be able to grab a better deal.


  • Comparing 24 month contracts to month-by-month prepaids is not a totally fair comparison. What about SIM-only plans? Pretty much every provider offers SIM-only plans that have 10+ GB of data and unlimited calls/text for a monthly cost of between $35 (10GB) and $45 (for 20GB if you really need that much). The Pixel 2 is retailing at $1079 from JBHifi so the comparable costs are (apologies for lack of table formatting):

    Plan Monthly Phone Year 1 Year 2 Total Savings
    Telstra contract 99 0 1188 1188 2376 0
    $35 per month SIM 35 1079 1499 420 1919 457
    $45 per month SIM 45 1079 1619 540 2159 217

    Surely the $35/mth SIM is the “cheapest way to buy the Pixel 2 in Australia” – it’s $200 cheaper than any of the options you suggested. The down side is you don’t have the month to month flexibility suggested in your article, but these contracts are universally 12 months so you do have the option of switching earlier than the 24 month phone contract. There’s also the big downside of needing $1100 in free cash to pay for the phone up front. The plus side is you get the additional benefits from plans (eg free data for streaming services, included subscriptions to streaming services etc) and more included in the plan for your money.

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