The Best Pixel 2 Smartphone Cases

The Best Pixel 2 Smartphone Cases
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If you’re in the market for a Google Pixel 2 when it comes out on October 31, you’re probably in the market for a case too. The pair go together like hand in glove and, just like gloves, there are plenty of options to wrap around your phone to keep it safe. Here are a few of the cases coming out soon for the Pixel 2.

The Best Pixel 2 Smartphone CasesImage: tech21

Tech21’s Evo Check recently survived a 150m helicopter drop. So it definitely passes the durability test, although it is only guaranteed to survive drops from the lofty height of three metres. As Cam mentioned in our iPhone 8 case round-up, 3 metres of drop resistance is enough. Supplied image is the Samsung Galaxy Note8 version of this case, but we think you know what a Pixel looks like, right?

The Best Pixel 2 Smartphone CasesImage: Bellroy

Bellroy “the only leather case” for Pixel 2. Simple. Slim. This is the case for people like me who want a case that does just enough to keep your phone safe. There’s flex polymer wrapped around the edges for protection and a premium leather backing for bonus style points. Bellroy’s case is one of the few on the market that doesn’t boast military-grade protection but that’s the price you pay for taking the sleek option. Speaking of price, this case will set you back US$45 (AU$60).

The Best Pixel 2 Smartphone CasesImage: Incipio

Incipio offer two cases for the Google Pixel. There’s the flexible, soft-shell NGP Pure ($24.95) for the cheap and easy solution and the DualPro ($39.95) a dual-layered case with military-grade protection in a premium, soft-touch finish. Both will be available from JB Hifi closer to the release of the Pixel 2 or you can order them from the US based Incipio Store.

The Best Pixel 2 Smartphone CasesImage: Urban Armor

Urban Armor sports a rugged armour shell and oversized tactile buttons on their Plasma series of cases. Perfect for outdoor activities like invading New Zealand over the weekend. Compatible with Android Pay and fingerprint reader, which we hope all of these cases are but Under Armor are one of the few brands to bring it up — so worth keeping in mind if it’s something you’re especially worried about.

The Best Pixel 2 Smartphone CasesImage: Moshi

Moshi is an international design house that makes, among other things, shiny cases to protect your phone. There are two offerings from Moshi for the Google Pixel; Tycho and Vitros. Tycho is a snap on, shatter-proof case that maintains the Pixel 2’s form. Vitros is a slim, clear polymer case with a coloured, metallic frame. Both have raised bezel to protect the screen when the phone is laid flat and the military-grade drop protection that many cases offer.

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