Telstra Offering Refunds For AFL Live Pass Users

Telstra Offering Refunds For AFL Live Pass Users
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AFL fans have a pretty, uh, rocky, relationship with Telstra’s AFL Live Pass. Compared to other livestreaming services, Live Pass is just a little backward.

In 2016, the service was okay, but in 2017, seemingly without warning, the size of the viewing screen was reduced. Fans were not happy. Concerns raised by the ACCC are now seeing Telstra offer refunds.

If you were one of the users that subscribed to AFL Live Pass in 2016, you may have been expecting the app to be similar (or better) in 2017. However, many users were stunned to find that this year, the app restricted the size of the viewing screen to seven inches, meaning that on larger tablets, you couldn’t get a full screen view.

However, on Telstra’s website, an image of Rory Sloane was displayed on full screen on the tablet:

Image: ACCC

Yesterday, the ACCC offered a media release stating that they were “concerned that footy fans may have subscribed or renewed subscriptions to the AFL Live Pass thinking that they could continue watching live AFL matches in full-screen on a tablet, when this was not the case.”

Since late August, Telstra have been offering refunds to consumers who were annual pass subscribers to the AFL Live Pass before 31 January 2017 and had downloaded the app on a tablet.

The ACCC also made note of the fact that “when businesses make changes to the subscription terms of goods or services, customers should be clearly notified of the change so people are able to make an informed decision about whether to continue their subscription” and thus raised concerns with Telstra.

If you were affected by this change and wish to obtain a refund, you can head to the Telstra Crowd Support website and fill out the application form.

The form will be online until March 22, 2018 but users can still contact Telstra to request a refund after that date. Note: Telstra is only offering the refund to annual subscribers who had their Live Pass prior to January 31 2017 and accessed the service on a tablet.


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