Surface Book 2 – Better, Stronger And Faster

Surface Book 2 – Better, Stronger And Faster
Image: Microsoft

I couldn’t help but think back to the 1970s when Microsoft announced the new Surface Book 2 – memories of the opening titles from The Six Million Dollar Man came flooding back. The new Surface Book 2 boasts the latest processors from Intel, upgraded graphics and a massive 17 hours of battery life when playing back video. And Microsoft has one target firmly in their sights. Most of the comparisons Microsoft makes is with Apple’s MacBook Pro, claiming to be better, stronger and faster.

The Surface Book 2 comes in two main variants with 13-inch and 15-inch versions. All the way through Microsoft’s announcement there are comparisons with the MacBook pro, signalling Microsoft placing itself as the maker of premium hardware and not bothering too much with low-cost, entry level machines.

It’s a clever ploy as that’s where the margins are even if the sales volumes aren’t massive.

It’s been a couple of years since the Surface Book was released so the update was certainly due. And the two-year cadence works well as that’s long enough from the last version to encourage people to upgrade from the first model without feeling like they’re being milked with annual incremental upgrades.

Spec-wise, the new machines offer up a variety of options with options all the way to Core i7 processors and 16GB of memory.

A top-of-the-range 13.5-inch model with a Core i7 processor will start at $2999 locally with the cCore i5 version starting at $2199.

Pre-orders for the 13-inch Surface Book 2 will begin on November 9th in the United States and additional markets around the world. The 15-inch will also be available for pre-order then, but only in the United States. Delivery will begin on November 16th. The 15-inch model isn’t currently listed on Microsoft Australia’s website.


  • The promo video on their website shows a GTX 1060 but calls it a 1050

    And in all honesty, i am utterly sick of silver laptops/phones, they look cheap to me and i just want black back

    • It’s interesting as Acer was the one to use the Liquid Loop option to then have fanless designs for the Surface Pro line competitors and then Microsoft incorporated it.

      Acer announced the Switch 7 Black Edition a 13.5″ Surface Pro form factor (larger) which has an i7 Quad Core, Nvidia MX150 integrated with 512 SSD and 16 GB and the Wacom EMR Pen which also eliminates the battery but also integrates into the shell of the tablet.

      Tricky I love the Surface line yet I suppose the lingering issues with them makes me more curious to know if competitors are finally hopefully coming closer to the ideal performance

  • I do hope the 15″ makes it here to Oz. Fantastic specs, but the prices are a bit eye watering!
    …and just include the Pen rather than gouge us for a few more $$$.

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