Speed Test: iPhone 8 Plus Vs Pixel 2 XL

By now, most phone users are firmly entrenched in one of two camps - Android and iOS. You either want the new Apple or the new Google and nothing is going to change your mind.

But for OS agnostics, the decision comes down to measurable factors, like speed and reliability. With that in mind, PhoneBuff pitched the iPhone 8 Plus against the Pixel 2 XL to find out which flagship phone was faster.

David Rahimi is the owner of the YouTube channel PhoneBuff which routinely tests and compares the operational speed of competing smartphones. In his latest video, which you can watch above, Rahimi threw the iPhone 8 Plus against the Pixel 2 XL to find out which device is faster.

This was achieved by giving them a set of identical tasks - both light and heavy - and timing how long it took each phone to complete them. Each task is designed to measure CPU and GPU speed as well as the phones' RAM management.

You can watch the full showdown in the video above, but for those pressed for time, the iPhone was crowned winner with an overall score that was five seconds faster than the Pixel 2 XL. In reality, this speed boost is too small to make any noticeable difference during day-to-day operations. But if you're an iPhone owner it does give you something to crow about. Apple beats Google!


    If the speed is only concern to choose a phone, then it was worth mentioning that Note 8 was already beaten iPhone 8 Plus with the same David Rahimi test procedure:

    And fastest phone on his tests (so far) and as he calls it "PhoneBuff Style Speed Test Champ" is the OnePlus 5:

    Also, in my opinion, the statement that "You either want the new Apple or the new Google" is completely wrong. I was an Android fan since 2010 Android 2.1 (Eclair) and tried many Android devices and at some point even switched to iPhone even though it didn't last more than a month. But I never wanted any of these Pixel phones ever.

    Last edited 31/10/17 2:39 pm

      I should clarify I was using Google in that sentence as a substitute for Android (same way I used Apple as a substitute for iPhone.)

    the Pixel is the slowest flagship android phone on the market.
    try a better comparision.

      The Galaxy S8 Note and the Oneplus 5 are both faster.

        Speed tests show that the iPhone is faster than Samsung phones.

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