Rooting Your Google Pixel 2 Won't Void The Warranty

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Rooting has always been a legal grey area, especially when it comes to warranties. Fortunately, if you purchase your shiny new Pixel 2 directly from Google, it appears you can root away without voiding your warranty.

As one user by the handle "Brian706" discovered while conversing with Google's online support, even if you flash new firmware or switch operating systems, Google will happily service it under warranty.

The only condition is that you'll need to "return your device to the latest stable version of Android".

Image: Brian706

Things get a little murky if you go with a plan instead — there's no guarantee you'll get the same deal from the likes of say, Telstra. But you can always try your luck.

Google won't void the warranty on your rooted Pixel 2 [Phandroid]


    Rooting and jailbreaking has always been a legal grey area, especially when it comes to warranties.

    Jailbreaking iOS yes...rooting Android, not really. Rooting and unlocking the bootloader is perfectly acceptable as far as most Android phone manufacturers are concerned and many of them even give you step-by-step instructions on how to do so on their websites, while others even provide free tools that do it for you.

    Apple doesn't want you jailbreaking their products, Google doesn't really care if you do or don't, but if you do decide to do it they actually encourage it. No pun intended, but you're comparing Apples to Oranges here.

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