Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed To Frighten You

Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed To Frighten You

It’s that special time of year again when everyone is looking for a good scary story. And though podcasts more often conjure up the images of gentle interviews with creative types and soothing NPR voices, more shows are moving into the territory of old-school radio plays, producing unsettling (and addictive) stories from true crime to horror. I hope you brought an extra pair of pants, ’cause these podcasts bring the terror.


Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed To Frighten You

This award-winning podcast hosted by author Aaron Mahnke takes a look at the true stories behind common folklore, tall tales, and hauntings. Each episode is about a different topic and dives deep into the depths of our real history to uncover the dark side of human nature. You’ll quickly learn that the truth is often stranger — and scarier — than fiction.

Snap Judgment presents: Spooked

Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed To Frighten You

What originally started as an occasional special episode of the Snap Judgment podcast hosted by Glynn Washington has since morphed into its own show. Spooked is all real stories from real people about ghosts, monsters, curses, and other run-ins with the unknown. It’s fairly new as a standalone show, so don’t expect a huge backlog to dig through, but it’s great stuff. It will only take one episode to get you completely hooked and wanting more.


Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed To Frighten You

This podcast from Two-Up Productions follows American Public Radio investigative reporter Lia Haddock, who’s looking into the mysterious disappearance of over 300 people at a neuroscience research facility in Tennessee. If the popular podcast Serial was focused on the darkly bizarre and unexplained it would sound like this.

Alice Isn’t Dead

Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed To Frighten You

This podcast, from the folks who brought you Welcome to Night Vale, is a series of audio diaries from a truck driver in search of her wife — who she thought was dead. During her cross country journey she encounters all kinds of mysterious places and dangers. If you’re into surreal, creepy small town vibes a la Twin Peaks, this podcast is worth a listen.

The Black Tapes

Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed To Frighten You

Another great fake non-fiction-style podcast about a radio program host — the make believe Alex Reagan — who’s investigating the unsolved cases or “black tapes” of fictional paranormal investigator Dr. Richard Strand. Everything feels just real enough to send chills up your spine. If you like an NPR-style approach to your scares, this show is a lot of fun.

Knifepoint Horror

Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed To Frighten You

If some campfire storytelling is what you’re after, the Knifepoint Horror podcast is for you. These tales are less productions and more like simple, unsettling confessions. Host Soren Narnia uses almost nothing but her voice to tell you a tale that’s just real enough to make you question every shadow you see at night.

The Wicked Library

Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed To Frighten You

This podcast is hosted by Daniel Foytik features stories from a wide variety of independent horror authors who are looking to give you a heart attack. Each episode features a new story read by one of the show’s excellent readers, interviews, and music from indie composers. Think of The Wicked Library as a grand indie horror showcase.

The NoSleep Podcast

Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed To Frighten You

This popular horror fiction anthology began as the NoSleep subreddit where users would exchange their best scary stories and frightening experiences. Soon it became a podcast where the best stories were turned into audiobook style stories you could listen to on the go. The only rule is each story must be told in the first person as if the story really happened. Every episode contains around five stories to keep you up at night.

Anything Ghost

Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed To Frighten You

This podcast has been delivering real ghost stories from real people since 2006. The show is a mix of host Lex Wahl reading personal paranormal experiences and local ghost legends sent in via email and callers sharing their own tales of terror. Depending on story length, each episode delivers five to 10 stories you’ll want to listen to with the lights off.


  • The Black Tapes is a great listen. Now is a good time to get stuck in because it’s in its third and final season, so you’ll be caught up by the time the finale comes around.

    Darkest Night is also worth checking out. A radio drama anthology tied together with an overarching narrative and narrated by Lee Pace.

  • The Magnus Archives is quite good too.
    The out of story parts can get a little cheesy later on, but the story readings themselves are atmospheric and leaves just enough to the imagination to make it creepier.

  • Patrick, Patrick, Patrick, really?!?! First off who does a top 9 list? Second, while fiction is entertaing, it is still fiction and hence not as scary as the real thing. Which brings me to my third point, you missed two of the spookiest out there: Astonishing Legends and Unexplained (not to be confused withThe Unexplained) the production values alone are worth the listen, but the real stories these two investigate will turn your toes and even your socks!

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