Microsoft Releases New Versions Of Windows 10 And Server

Microsoft Releases New Versions Of Windows 10 And Server
Image: Microsoft

Overnight, Microsoft released Windows Server Build 1709 and the Fall Update for Windows 10. With both the server and computer operating systems now biannual update cycles, sys admins and operations teams can plan their update cycles with some precision.

According to an article posted by Microsoft, Software Assurance customers can download Windows Server, version 1709 from the Volume Licensing Service Center portal and Azure customers can deploy Windows Server, version 1709 based on the image in the Azure Marketplace.

The Windows 10 Fall Update adds a slew of updates including updates to the Photos app, lots of new mixed reality features, changes to some security features as well as a bunch UI enhancements for Cortana, Edge and other core applications.

The Windows Blog breaks down the update and reviews all the major changes and updates.

It’s been a while since I was in charge of an IT department and having this kind of certrianty around release and patch cycles would have been incredibly useful.

Each month, we receive patches and twice a year there’s a major update. And while you don’t have to jump to the new updates as soon as they’re released, it’s good to be able to have some certainty around when upgrades will arrive so you can plan appropriately.


      • Yes, it’s broken – again. Tried to upgrade both my desktop & laptop – and both were broken by a blue screen ‘Page fault in non-page fault area’! Then when MS support tried to re-install Windows over the top, that failed too with the same error.

        Since my laptop has a very clean installation, I am convinced that MS has screwed it up again. I will wait for the inevitable fix.

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