LinkedIn To Add Autoplay In Its Quest To Become The Most Annoying Social Network

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Like it or not, LinkedIn has, at least for me, become an important business tool. I use it for finding contacts, keeping track of friends and acquaintances as they change jobs and tracking down experts for stories. But it's also a pain in the butt. And it's about to get worse.

Aside from occasional spam from "entrepreneurs" trying to get me interested in their latest project, LinkedIn's insistence at telling me when it's a business contact's birthday or work anniversary is nothing short of annoying.

But, despite every web browser creating a feature to stop this, they are planning to introduce autoplay for videos. This is part of their plan to sell video ads. Becasue nothing is more likely to get me to buy something than an autoplay video.

I get that professional people, who LinkedIn is pitched at, share videos - we all need another inspirational TED Talk in our lives don't we? But do we really need them to start playing as we scroll through a feed?

LinkedIn needs someone who actually uses the network to be part of the process when it comes to adding new features.

And don't get me started on the ludicrous pricing model for premium. When $11 a month gets me all the movies or music I want, it's hard to see how $70 for extra features on a social network is reasonable.


    Yeah, autoplay videos are annoying. Let's hope they have a feature to turn it off, like Instagram. At the very least we can mute the tab and keep scrolling.

    Also the LinkedIn Premium is not paying for a social network or paying to stream movies. It's paying to improve your career. I paid for it for a month or two when I was recently job searching and it really helped. The value is on your career and not entertainment, hence the higher price.

    What I found ironic was right after the paragraph on auto-play videos, Lifehacker had an auto-play video!

    Big Marketing Company to Micro$oft: "You can make so much more money if you allow autoplay ads on LinkedIn."

    Micro$oft to Big Marketing Company: "Sounds great! Will we lose any subscribers?"

    Big Marketing Company to Micro$oft: "NO WAY! People love autoplay ads and by adding it to LI most social platforms will have it so sheeple errr. people won't have anywhere to go."

    Micro$oft to Big Marketing Company: "Let's do it!"

    Big Marketing Company to Micro$oft:

    Micro$oft to Big Marketing Company:

    Interesting then that an ad on this page started playing without me prompting it.

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