KFC Is Bringing Mashies Back To Australia

KFC Is Bringing Mashies Back To Australia

KFC removed Mashies from its menu over eight years ago, but now they’re back baby.

Mashies are back. And it’s an Australian exclusive.

What the hell are Mashies? It’s fairly obvious from the name, but it’s a potato croquette of sorts. KCF’s press release description: “fluffy mash and oozing gravy meet to create crunchy, golden, delicious morsels of goodness.” That’s taking things a little far, but sure that sounds nice.

Apparently the outcry over Mashies removal from the KFC menu was such that KFC had to bring them back. Finding that hard to believe unless execs decided to stick their fingers in their ears and sing “lalalalala” for eight years straight. Actually that sounds completely possible, even reasonable.

KFC did a Mashies trial in Tasmania recently and sold a metric shitload of them. Most likely that’s the reasoning here: it worked in Tassie, maybe it’ll work in Australia? And if it works in Australia maybe they can take the Mashie revolution all over the globe.

But Mashies are only being brought back for a limited time.

KFC are hoping to auction that last portion of Mashies sold to the highest bidder, with proceeds going to the Reach Foundation, a charity that helps promote the mental health and well-being of kids aged 10-18. The auction will kick off October 18 and includes a tour of KFC’s test-kitchen in Sydney.

Mashies are available across Australia starting today. Yum.


  • We wont be rushing down to our local kfc to get some, even though we’d like to, but 2/3 times our local store is “out of stock” of the advertised limited edition product, even if you go there early for several days running, disrespectful wasting of our time &/or phone calls, we have given up on kfc completely as a result, there are plenty of other places that want to receive our money.

  • I do love me some mashies, but duck KFC and their continuing rotating “specials”. Just stick with some good stuff please, we had the mozzarella zinger, great, oh no, it’s not here any more, they they had their rip off Korean fried chicken, I bet that’ll go and be replaced with mashies now. Every now and then you’ll get hot and spicy chicken (or that weird tobasco version). It’s annoying and unpredictable. Just add some variety to your menu permanently!

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