How To Download The Fall Creator’s Update On Windows 10

How To Download The Fall Creator’s Update On Windows 10

Windows 10: You can now download the next major update to Windows 10, dubbed the Fall Creator’s Update. You’ll be able to enjoy major features like Mixed Reality support, bringing augmented reality to compatible PCs, as well as minor upgrades to features like handwriting recognition, voice control via Cortana and a revised user interface.

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The update is rolling out to users gradually, but you can download it manually if you’re too eager to wait your turn (hey, I don’t blame you).

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What’s in the update?

Mixed Reality

  • The addition of Mixed Reality features is the most eye-catching addition to Windows 10. The Mixed Reality Viewer and Portal apps let you place virtual objects into the physical world using your PC’s camera, or a Mixed Reality headset from companies like Dell, Samsung, HP and Lenovo. Not every PC supports Mixed Reality, so Microsoft created a Mixed Reality PC Check app for users to see what changes need to be made to their current setup in order to enable the feature.

3D Effects in Photos, Never Lose Your Pen

  • Windows 10 also increases stylus support in multiple apps and improves handwriting recognition. You can also locate your missing pen using the “Find My Pen” feature. The Photos app features more ways to edit and customise your images. You can add filters, text overlays, and 3D effects and objects you can animate and share.

Microsoft’s Edge Browser Gets Pen and Pin Support

  • Microsoft Edge is adding features like site pinning to the taskbar, making it easy to access your favourite sites from your desktop. You can also perform tasks like PDF annotation right in the browser, whether by hand or using Microsoft’s ink feature paired with a stylus like a Surface Pen.

Cortana Can Text Now

  • Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant, can now lock, shut down, or restart your computer via voice command. It also features phone integration with Android devices, as long as you have the Cortana app installed on your Android phone. You can send texts and receive calls as long as you provide Cortana access to your SMS functionality and contacts list on your Android device.

There are a lot of minor improvements included in the Fall Creator’s Update as well. Improvements to contact management let you pin select contacts to the taskbar for easy access. You can send messages or initiate a Skype call from the taskbar as well. It beats having to open a new window to send a message to someone when a pop-up will do just fine.

How to Update Your PC Manually

Microsoft knows its audience, and makes it pretty easy for impatient pc users to snag the fall creator’s update or completely reinstall Windows 10. You can visit Microsoft’s Windows 10 download page where you’ll see the option to update your version of Windows. Hit “Update Now” to download the updater installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

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