How Do You Eat Healthy When Your Work Surrounds You With Junk Food? 

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov.

I worked in a bakery once. If a biscuit broke, we couldn't sell it, so naturally I would dispose of the evidence in the most delicious way possible. Sometimes I'd be filling doughnuts with icing and it would smell so good and at the end there would be some leftover icing. A little taste couldn't hurt, right?

I was lucky: my time at the bakery was brief, and I was young and had a good metabolism. But plenty of us work in jobs where junk food is in front of us all damn day. You work with food, or you travel a lot, or you're always at events or meetings where some kind of treat is being served.

In that kind of environment, how can you eat healthy? If you've managed any kind of success, even on a small scale, tell us your secrets. Do you count calories or macros? Do you say "fuck it" at work and eat healthy at home? What works for you?

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    My aunt worked in a bakery for some time. She stopped bringing stuff home at the end of the day because the whole family started putting on weight.

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