Hear What Literally Every Genre Of Music Sounds Like With This Tool

Hear What Literally Every Genre Of Music Sounds Like With This Tool

There is a lot of different types of music out there. Like, a lot. Don’t believe me? Check out this time-sucking tool called Every Noise at Once.

When you load up the page in your browser, you’ll be greeted with a massive wall of coloured text links. Each one represents a specific genre of music. There’s everything from “Taiwanese pop” to “dark psytrance” to “Danish jazz” to “vapour twitch” to “Brazilian gospel” to “funk rock” to “discofox” to good ol’ fashioned “hip hop.” With more than 1500 different music genres mapped, it’s all there.

If you hover over one of the genres, you’ll be given an example of an artist and song that exemplifies the genre’s sound. If you click that link, it will even play that song example for you. As you explore, keep in mind that scrolling down will have music that’s more organic, up will be more mechanical and electronic, left will be denser and more atmospheric, and right is spikier and bouncier.

But wait, there’s more! When you hover over a genre, you’ll also see an arrow to the right. If you click that arrow, you’ll be taken to a new page that lists all the artists that fit in that genre, each with their own examples. If you click the arrow on one of those artists, you’ll be taken to Spotify where you can listen to that artist’s library. If you want to hear every single example song listed on the main page, you can do that with this nearly 111 hour Spotify playlist:

Or you can listen to a playlist for each specific genre here. Say goodbye to your afternoon!

Every Noise at Once via KOTTKE.org

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