Grill’d Are Giving Away Free Burgers (For A Good Cause!)

Grill’d Are Giving Away Free Burgers (For A Good Cause!)

From October 4 to October 10, Grill’d are offering up a free burger every day to anyone who has signed up to support the Polished Man initiative (and raised some cash), which aims to stop violence against children.

A little background: The Polished Man initiative asks you to paint one fingernail ‘Polished Man Blue’ to represent the one child that dies every five minutes as a result of violence. It’s a horrible statistic that the not-for-profit organisation YGAP aims to erase, and to do so, they’ve teamed up with Grill’d to help achieve their goal.

The work by YGAP aims to tackle the problem at its source and the money raised through Polished Man is “channeled into trauma recovery and trauma prevention programs for children who have suffered or are at risk of suffering violence globally.”

While you won’t be paying for those burgers, there is a little effort involved in redeeming them.

To do so, you have to sign up for the Polished Man initiative and have raised $30. Once you’ve raised that $30, Grill’d will send you a unique code via email. Then, paint one of your fingernails blue and head into your nearest Grill’d between October 4 and October 10 to grab your free burger.

Grill’d will send you a new unique code every morning until the end of the promotion, which means you can get up to seven free burgers.

“We all have the power to make a change and this begins in our local communities and we’re calling on every Australian to paint one fingernail during October, start a conversation over a healthy burger and inspire a donation to help end violence against children,” said Simon Crowe, Managing Director of Grill’d, at the campaign launch.

So if you’re looking to put some money toward a good cause and start a discussion over a burger, head to the sign up page and paint that fingernail.

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