Google Changes Search Localisation Because… Money

Google Changes Search Localisation Because… Money
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Google has changed the way you can localise searches. While the default option has usually forced you to the local search site – enter and you get redirected to – it has been possible to push Google to other locations. (If you wanted a localised British search you could go to, for example.) But now, the company will automatically direct you to your local Google regardless of the address you enter.

According to a blog post, the choice of country service will no longer be indicated by domain – you’ll be served the country service that corresponds to your location. As you travel, the search results will switch automatically to the country you’re in.

Allegedly, this is because most people prefer localised searches but I get the feeling ensuring localised ads are served up is a signiticant driver. It’s definitely an annoyance for overseas travellers who want to quickly search news and current events back home.

You can force search results to be directed to whatever country you like by changing some options. Go to the settings menu at the bottom of and change the “search settings,” to choose a new location.


  • The Google employee who thought up this brilliance, like most backwards, idiotic Americans, was obviously monolingual and can’t see the use to search easily in another language.

    I’ve used, and quite a bit to do native language searches. Now they return English results. If I wanted English result’s I’d damned well ask eh?

    Now, go through all the hassle of changing language, or fire up a VPN into the country, start google, search.

  • I quite agree. It’s a real pain. Is there no easy way around this? I don’t want to permanently change my location, just for occasional searches. I live in the U.K., but I like to search within Australia and, occasionally, France. It used to be so easy – I still have tabs that take me to or .fr, but now they only return search results for the U.K.

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